Thursday, 31 March 2016

WALT: Apply Striking and Fielding activities in a range of sports and activities.

WALT: Apply Striking and Fielding activities in a range of sports and activities.

My Strengths are...
  • Batting - I can hit the ball quite far
  • Fielding - I can catch most balls

The striking strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were, standing on one side, feet slightly apart and watching the ball.

The throwing and catching strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were, aiming where I want to throw and keeping my eye on the ball.

My Next Steps

To improve my striking of a ball I need to try and use more energy to hit the ball harder because I don't get it that far.

To Improve my catching and fielding I need to keep my hands soft because if my hands are like a crocodiles mouth then the ball might slip out of my hands

The game that I enjoyed the most was Rounders because you can have turns at both fielding and batting.

W.A.L.T: I can gather, evaluate, and synthesise information across a small range of texts

This is my activity sheet that I had to complete with a partner. We had to indentify all the positive and negative reasons and evidence to why the flag should/should not be changed. Some reasons why the flag should be changed is because their are heaps of flags that all look the same in the world. The only difference is that they have a different symbol for their country. A reason why we shouldn't change our flag is because, nothing is wrong with it, John Key just wants to first president to change the flag, it's only because of his selfishness that he brought up this changing flag not changing flag thing. 

After that we had to highlight which category it goes into and then we made an overall statement about if the reasons and evidence that we collected was strong or weak. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Reading evidence - Authors Purpose Year 7/8

W.A.L.T: I can identify the way that writers use language and ideas to suit their purpose.

My W.A.L.T is to identify the authors purpose in any kind of text. 
There are three different purposes for a peace of text
Or short for P.I.E
For the activity we did there were two different texts for each purpose 
I chose to do the two persuasive texts because the titles sounded interesting

I had to complete this activity sheet after reading both articles 

The first article Changing NZ's Flag Would Be Idiotic was obviously to persuade because I chose two persuasive texts and same with the he second one. Then I had to identify why I knew this well 
It's got technical language 
The author is trying to make us see his point of view 
And it is giving reasons why we should Change the flag 
After that I had to identify the language in the text that supports the purpose 
A word I found in the first article was "idiotic". Idiotic is a much stronger word than bad.
A word I found in the second article was "similar". Richie McCaw described the Australian flag and the New Zealand flag similar instead of same, it's much more stronger than same. 
The next part of the activity was ideas that support the purpose.
In the first article I found heaps of facts to support the purpose 
In the second article I found heaps of reasons to support the purpose 

And then the last part at the bottom of the sheet was the evaluation where I had to think about the two articles and choose one that I thought was the most convincing. I thought that the first article was more convincing because 
The author stated true facts clearly 
The author used strong words e.g Idiotic instead of Bad 
The author asked rhetorical questions to make our brains think more and migh Change our minds. 
Overall I think I am at Extended Abstract because I can identify the authors purpose in any peice of texts and I can teach others to do the same. 

Maths evidence - Square roots

My W.A.L.T is to know square roots
I had to compete two activities to pass this goal
This was the first one.
The answer to this is 4 because 4 x 4 = 16 so that makes it 4 

This was the next activity  
The answer to this is 
Because the there are two threes, the 2 in the top right corner represents how many threes there are.

Overall this was my first time doing square root and it turned out to be really simple and I think I am at extended abstract because I can easily answer the questions and I can teach others to do the same. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Maths Evidence - Know the relative size and place value structureofpositive and negative integers and decimals to three places

The first activity I had to complete was this. I had to type in numbers that made the sentence true. A number I could add in could be 9. Because it would make the decimal on the right greater than the decimal on the left. 

This is the second activity that I had to complete.
The way that I get my answer for this question is by looking at a number line.
This is my answer
The 3 is the greatest cause it is higher up
The 0 is the next greatest because it is the next highest 
Then -2 is the next greatest cause it is the next highest 
And then -4 is the least 

This is the third activity I had to complete to pass my goal. I had to round a variety of numbers to the nearest whole number, tenth, hundredth and thousandths. The answer to this question is 59 because the number after the decimal point is 5 or over. So that makes 58.5 rounded to the nearest number 59

Overall I can now identify all three activitys and can teach others how to do this. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Merit Can Do - Librarian #2

On the 9th of March I had librarian. Today I had to go down to the junior area with my buddies Lauren and Mollyanne with a few books and some bean bags. We chose a range of books some boy books like cars and lego, some girl books about fairy sand princess and some books at fit girls and boys. So off we headed with our books and colourful bean bags to the deck in the junior area. We were getting used to the process of Wednesday lunches getting books a bean bag each and walking to the deck, but when it was our first day it was hard to carry everything. Anyway once we got there we spread all the books out so it was easy for the kids to pick up a book and give it to us to read. On the first day we would usually have to go round up a few kids but now kids are already waiting on the deck for us to read to them. Heaps of kids come round us and like us reading to them it is really fun. Sometimes one of us have to go back to the library to get some more books so then we don't run out which is good sign because we then know that we are doing our work properly and well but something bad that sometimes happens is that there are some boys who are constantly coming over each week just to annoy us but we have to be resilient and just remember that they are only little and you just need to be nice. It's fun to be involved in something that keeps everyone happy including you. I think this week I showed resilience because I was being resilient when the boys were coming over and annoying us. Overall I had heaps of fun and I know the kids did too because when the bell rang they never wanted to leave us but they knew that we would come next week to visit them with a whole new bunch of books. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Leadership in the Food Forest

On Wednesday the 2nd and Thursday the 3rd of March all the year 7 & 8's went to visit the food forest and garden. We were split up in two groups, one group does gardening and the other group helps around the junior class rooms. I was in group G with 7 other people.  

The first gardening activity was weeding and cutting up dead plants in the food forest. We cut up and put all the dead plants into the trailer. It was really hot and really hard but we got the job done in time and the trailer was the right size. to fit everything.

The second activity was harvesting sweet corn in the Maize Maze. There was heaps of sweet corn and we ended up with a huge box of corn. We also had the same trailer again except it was empty. But like yesterday it got filled up to the top. It was really hard and tiring and there were heaps of Deadly Nightshade which are a very poisonous things that look like berries and are black. We had to be really careful because you could die because of them if you have an open cut and some of the Nightshade juice goes into the cut then that could be harmful or if you just ate one thinking it was a berry. 

While others do gardening everyone else would be in a junior classroom helping out the teachers. My group went to Room 19 first with Mrs Thomson. We helped them do activities at the action stations while the teacher took a reading group. Each action station had different activities to occupy the students so they don't get annoyed. All the action stations include Play Dough, Maths, Writing, Reading, and Painting. All the students were really happy and it was fun to work with them. 

The next junior class that my group went to was Room 18 with Mrs Cassey. We helped them complete their activity which was making and designing paper jelly fish. It was really messy but we cleaned it all up. After that we took the students out for a run then came back inside and did some Maths. In maths we did a few counting games then we got straight into it. We helped the students with their worksheets while the teacher took Maths groups. 

Overall I had allot of fun being involved and helping the little kids and their teachers. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Merit Can Do - Librarian #1

On Wednesday the 2nd of March I had librarian with my friend Lauren. We have a duty on Wednesday for librarian which is to go down to the junior area to read some books. First both of us headed off towards the library. We went inside and wrote our names down on the chart saying we showed up today. Then we grabbed some interesting picture books that a variety of kids might like. We also grabbed a bean bag each and carried them to the deck outside the music room on the junior kids side. We plopped them down and made scattered the books in a few rows on the wall so the covers were showed to all the little kids and it was easy to pick a book. The minute we sat down some kids came up with a few books in their hands. By this time we already knew that there was going to be a crowd here soon. And within minutes our words came true heaps of kids came up to listen to the stories. We read nearly all the books in the whole lunch time. It was so much fun to be involved in doing something that keeps others happy and it makes me happy too because I got to do something at lunch time instead of just walking around the school with nothing to do. Overall I had heaps of fun and I think I showed my learner quality of self aware because when I was reading heaps of kids would be coming and going or not paying attention but I use my learner quality of self aware and stayed patient and waited until I could keep reading. 

Merit Must Do - Technology

On Tuesday the 1st of March all of the year 7 & 8's of Oaklands School went to Lincoln for technology. At technology there are five diffenrt rotations that we change every 7 - 8 weeks. There is Cooking, Sciene, Woodwork, Sewing and Design. In Cooking you get to make a variety of different recipes. In Science you do a bunch of different experiments and learn about the periodic table. In Woodwork this year you have an opportunity to make either a clock or a tray, in the end you can design it with paint and take it home. In Sewing you get to sew heaps of different things like stuff toys and pillows. And in Design which was new last year you get to design your own room it could be a bedroom or a shop or anything you want. For the next few weeks I'll be in Science. This week in Science we were working with dried ice. First of all we discussed the health and safety and some things you should never do with dry ice as dry ice is very cold and can harm you really easily. After that we wrote everything down in our books and starting to play around with a peice of the ice. It looked the exact same as ice except it was way more colder and it doenst melt. It was really fun to blow on the ice and make little clouds. After that we watched some cool videos about dry ice and some experiments you can do with it. We tried to do an experiment where you put the dry ice in an air tight container and put it on the ground upside and run away. We tried to do it put it didn't work so we went back inside to find more experiments. Soon enough it was almost time to go, morning tea had passed quickly and lunch was coming up too. We did a bit more experimenting with dry ice and then we packed up and got ready to go into the bus. Overall I think I was being involved in the discussings that we were having and the experiments that we were doing and I think I showed my learner quality of collaboration because I actually put my hand up this week and got invoelved in the discussion so I could learn something.