Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Merit Can Do - Librarian #2

On the 9th of March I had librarian. Today I had to go down to the junior area with my buddies Lauren and Mollyanne with a few books and some bean bags. We chose a range of books some boy books like cars and lego, some girl books about fairy sand princess and some books at fit girls and boys. So off we headed with our books and colourful bean bags to the deck in the junior area. We were getting used to the process of Wednesday lunches getting books a bean bag each and walking to the deck, but when it was our first day it was hard to carry everything. Anyway once we got there we spread all the books out so it was easy for the kids to pick up a book and give it to us to read. On the first day we would usually have to go round up a few kids but now kids are already waiting on the deck for us to read to them. Heaps of kids come round us and like us reading to them it is really fun. Sometimes one of us have to go back to the library to get some more books so then we don't run out which is good sign because we then know that we are doing our work properly and well but something bad that sometimes happens is that there are some boys who are constantly coming over each week just to annoy us but we have to be resilient and just remember that they are only little and you just need to be nice. It's fun to be involved in something that keeps everyone happy including you. I think this week I showed resilience because I was being resilient when the boys were coming over and annoying us. Overall I had heaps of fun and I know the kids did too because when the bell rang they never wanted to leave us but they knew that we would come next week to visit them with a whole new bunch of books. 

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