Thursday, 3 March 2016

Leadership in the Food Forest

On Wednesday the 2nd and Thursday the 3rd of March all the year 7 & 8's went to visit the food forest and garden. We were split up in two groups, one group does gardening and the other group helps around the junior class rooms. I was in group G with 7 other people.  

The first gardening activity was weeding and cutting up dead plants in the food forest. We cut up and put all the dead plants into the trailer. It was really hot and really hard but we got the job done in time and the trailer was the right size. to fit everything.

The second activity was harvesting sweet corn in the Maize Maze. There was heaps of sweet corn and we ended up with a huge box of corn. We also had the same trailer again except it was empty. But like yesterday it got filled up to the top. It was really hard and tiring and there were heaps of Deadly Nightshade which are a very poisonous things that look like berries and are black. We had to be really careful because you could die because of them if you have an open cut and some of the Nightshade juice goes into the cut then that could be harmful or if you just ate one thinking it was a berry. 

While others do gardening everyone else would be in a junior classroom helping out the teachers. My group went to Room 19 first with Mrs Thomson. We helped them do activities at the action stations while the teacher took a reading group. Each action station had different activities to occupy the students so they don't get annoyed. All the action stations include Play Dough, Maths, Writing, Reading, and Painting. All the students were really happy and it was fun to work with them. 

The next junior class that my group went to was Room 18 with Mrs Cassey. We helped them complete their activity which was making and designing paper jelly fish. It was really messy but we cleaned it all up. After that we took the students out for a run then came back inside and did some Maths. In maths we did a few counting games then we got straight into it. We helped the students with their worksheets while the teacher took Maths groups. 

Overall I had allot of fun being involved and helping the little kids and their teachers. 

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