Sunday, 28 June 2015


Friday afternoon I had library duty. I remembered to show up on time and help out. I showed all care values and was nice and respectful to all other students that were reading in the library. I helped put books on the shelf in the right place and helped at the desk with issuing and returning books. Overall I really liked helping out in the library, it was fun.


On Friday we had choir. We practised in the hall that day because next week we are going to perform at the celebration of learning assembly. We are singing "Money, Money, Money" and "hallelujah". I remembered to show up on Friday at 8:45 to participate. I showed all CARE values, eg. Not talking to others next to me. At choir we did some warm ups like jumping around in 2's from 8 or singing 1-5
Overall I had a lot of fun

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Today we had technology. I remembered to wake up and get to school before 8:30 so I don't miss the bus. I remembered to behave on the bus and speak as quietly as I could to my two friends sitting next to me. Today my group had science, we did an experiment on paper towels. We had to find out which brand of paper towels absorbed the most water. First we made a hypothesis on which brand we think would absorb more water, I thought the brand Handee would absorb more water, I knew that because my family always use Handee. After filling out our sheets we started by dipping different brands at a time of paper towels into an icecream container and then shook off the excess. Then we squeezed it into a smaller bowl and then transferred the water into a test tube to measure. My hypothesis was right because Handee absorbed the most water, 92mm. Beloved or not but out of Tuffy, Pams, Budget, Handee and Viva, Handee absorbed more water. Overall today was really fun I like science and even though it's only been like about 2 weeks since I started science I have learnt a lot already.

Monday, 15 June 2015

W.A.LT: To make inference's

Everyday everyone makes inferences without even knowing. You must be wondered get what is an inference. It's when you look at a picture or something or someone and you think what they are doing or what they might be thinking.
E.g: if you look at a picture with a lonely girl
I think that she is:
~ Sad
~ She is thinking about something
~ Depressed
~ Lonely

All these things I have come up with mean I have inferred on a picture or something. So basically on a daily basis we always infer on things like for instance you could infer on your dog if she/he is barking then you might think that there's someone at the door or she/he wants somethignto eat or something else , see it's so easy to make an inference. You might think it's hard at first but you will realise that you infer on things all the time without knowing.

Peer mediation

Peer mediation today was awesome!!! Today I remembered to show up and participate in my duty and because we had no problems and no sad faces because most of the little kids went to the junior talent quest which decreased the amount of kids. Only a few little kids were roaming around the junior area by them self but we helped them to find some friends and made their frowns upside down. Overall today was better than ever because we helped kids and didn't have big problems either

Friday, 12 June 2015



Today I tempered to get to the music room on time for choir. Choir is really fun because at the start we play and sing lots of awesome warm ups to warm up or vocal cords. Today we warmed up with a jumping game. What you do in it is jump around in circles going down in 2s from 8. Next we sang a number song which really helped my voice warm up. After that we practiced singing hallelujah, Mexican wave and the national anthem. At the end of the term we are going to be singing hallelujah and money money money. Overall I think that getting up early and coming to school 15 minutes early is worth it.



Today I remembered to show up for my librarian duty. As a librarian I have to help out Mrs Ward with all the issuing, returning and putting away books. Being a librarian and risking one of my lunch breaks every 2 weeks is actually pretty worth it because I love to help out and know that I'm helpful. Today we had a lot of little kids from room 16 followed by other students from around the school. We also had a lot of books to return to shelves. Overall today was really fun but a sad thing is I have to wait another 2 weeks to come back although I will still be coming around to get out some good books.