Friday, 16 October 2015

Goal Reflection for term 4

Goal reflection for term 4

My 3 goals that I had set for me at the start of the year are almost at the position to ending which means a new goal will replace the completed goals position. 

2015 Goals
  1. I want to get my Gold award.
  2. Get my Merit badge.
  3. To try and get head or deputy head girl or house captain for 2016.

Goal Reflection
  1. To get my Gold award I need to get my Bronze and Silver awards first. I am one tick away from getting my Bronze award so I will get my Bronze award soon, and I will be one step to getting my Gold award.
  2. Finally my second goal is complete now I have got my Merit badge and I am now aiming for my Excellence badge. So now on the list I can swap the word Merit with Excellence!
  3. My third goal is to get a role for head or deputy girl or house captain. To complete this I need to show leadership in all positions and try get my badges.
Overall I am very proud of myself for completing one goal. I hope I complete all my goals before 2015 has finished.