Thursday, 12 February 2015

Leadership 2015 Technology

On Tuesday (9/02/15) the year 7,8's and I went to Lincoln Primary School for Tech (short for technology). It was a wonderful day to find out what teacher we were going to be with and what we were doing. We had 5 groups, I was in group 4, it was a mix of girls and boys. My groups teacher did Woodworks and my teachers name was Mr Bowers he's very nice. Their was a variety of 5 different subjects but we couldn't choose but a good thing is that after 7 weeks we switch subjects. The different subjects were Cooking, Robotics, woodworks, design and sewing, design was a new subject added this year. On my first day I remembered to use my care values and do my best. In woodworks we had been assigned to make a speaker that you could plug in your music device or a computer we were first asked to plan everything out and learned how to write a brief about our project. After that day I would say that tech is allot of fun and I can't wait to go next Tuesday to learn more.