Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Diwali Writing

"Yay" I screamed , I almost made the whole house shake! Today I was really excited because tonight I'm going to the Indian hall to do Diwali! Do you think I can do it? I was confident but will my confidence  change into a nervous feeling? Keep reading to find out!

Paragraph one: Hoping in the car:
Me and my other family members got all decked up and got ready to roll! Once we were done we went to the garage and hoped in the car. "Set belts on" said my mum and my dad me and my brother replied " yes". Off we went, the engine started and we were on the long road.

Paragraph two: Getting ready. 
When we arrived my brother and my dad stayed downstairs while me and my mum went upstairs for my jewellery and some finishing touches. After I was all dressed up I went downstairs and sat down with my group in the front row. 

Paragraph three: The start
When all the other amazing performers were ready and had sat down in there seats,then the man at the back flicked the light switch and the lights turned off (not on the stage though).Then some people came up to talk about Diwali.

Paragraph four: the performance 
When my group got called up we went up to the stage and we got into our positions.The music started and we started to dance. After we finished ,other groups got called up. They did very well too.

Paragraph five: The ending 
In the end all the groups got called up to the stage together the little goodie and my group members got a box of favourites.

I had lots of fun at the Diwali programme and I hope you liked reading my recount

Friday, 6 September 2013

Calendar art

This is my calendar art this will turn into an awesome calendar that I will hang in my bedroom ! :D