Saturday, 28 March 2015


Yesturday ( Friday) we had choir it was really fun we did mainly the same things as last week but this time we also got told what new systems we have like when we arrive at the hall their will be peices of paper on a row of tables and we have to tick off our name somour music teachers know that we are here. This week was our last choir practice for this term because next Friday is good Friday! Yay that means Easter is nearly here speaking of Easter...

Happy Easter!😃

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Goal reflection

A few weeks ago I had made a post with a picture of me and my goals for the year. Today I'm going to reflect on those goals seeing if I am getting close to achieving them.
So here were my goals I'd set for the year:

  1. I want to get my gold award
  2. Get my Merit, Excellence and Distinction badges to show leadership 
  3. To try and get head or deputy girl for 2016 
I just added in the last one because I think that should be another goal for me and I was supposed to have three goals not two.

So for the first goal I think I am doing well for a start I don't have many ticks on my chart but I will try my best to atleast get to my bronze.

Next for my second goal I think I'm doing really well I just need more blog post so I think before the end of term 2 I will have my merit badge.

Now for my third goal Te only way I'll get close to it is by showing a lot of leadership so I'll need to complete most of my second goal to achieve this so since this is the same as my second goal I think I will say the same thing and say the I'm doing really well.

So that was the end of my reflection of my 2015 goals I will be doing this every term so just at the end of the term so then you can see how well I'm doing.

W.A.L.T: Explain the meaning of digits in numbers up to 3 decimal places.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Peer mediators

Today was my duty day for peer mediation today I had to wear a bright green vest with a card attached to a lanyard. At 1:10 me and my two other mates swapped dutys with the other few people that were on before us and then started walking through the junior school. While walking around we were looking making sure no one was sad or had a problem mostly everyone was happy and having a good time but then we saw that a little girl had fallen off the monkey bars. She refused to accept it though and ran off happily to her friends. Anyway we thought she would be ok so we continued on and strode through the little kids playing all sorts of games. Soon it was time to go the bell had rang for end of play so that was the end of our duty. We were all pleased to see so many happy faces through out lunch and we love the feeling that you have when you have helped someone. And can't wait till next Monday when we have another 20 minutes of our time in lunch break to help out teachers and look after younger students.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Homework challenge C10

Hi guys today I'm going to share one of my yellow highlighted homework challenge it is my edible garden hope you enjoy!

Click here for my slide

Friday, 20 March 2015


Today was the first day of choir. It was so much fun we did a lot of fun voice warm ups. It is on every Friday at 8:45 and it goes on for half an hour so 15 minutes before school ( we start school at 9:00 ) and then 15 minutes more  so we finish at 9:15. Today we sang Money, Money, Money and Hallelujah. Overall my first day at choir was really fun and can't wait till next week

Run Bike Run

Today we had a Kauri Team Event called Run Bike Run. Run Bike Run is a fun event that my school does at the start of the year. Last year we went to a park called Westlake Park it is very close to my house and has a very nice green grass area for games like cricket, soccer,rugby and more, it also has a nice big lake and a smaller pond just beside it. This year we are going to a different park called Haslwell Domain. Haslwell Domain is a really nice place because it is huge and has a lot of places to play lots of different sports e.g: Touch Rugby, Rugby, Netball, Tennis, Garden Bowling, Soccer and more. I play Netball for a Haslwell team I'm in the Netball C team. So like every year all the year 4-8's all walked down in groups it is quite close to our school so thats why we walk. Today at Run Bike Run me and my friend that was in my team tried our hardest sadly we didn't come a place but we showed our care values and had fun representing our school.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Library duty

Today I have received a new badge for my new duty which is being a librarian. From now on throughout the year I will be following my duty that I have signed up for and helping younger students that like using the library at play times. I am on every Friday on an odd week which means tomorrow will be my first  day of my new job as a librarian.

Student goals 2015

These are my goals that i would like to achieve during the 2015 year I am hoping to get them before the end of the year. I will list them below along with my photo.

* I want to get my gold award
* I want to get my merit, excellence and distinction badges to show my leadership