Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Goal reflection

A few weeks ago I had made a post with a picture of me and my goals for the year. Today I'm going to reflect on those goals seeing if I am getting close to achieving them.
So here were my goals I'd set for the year:

  1. I want to get my gold award
  2. Get my Merit, Excellence and Distinction badges to show leadership 
  3. To try and get head or deputy girl for 2016 
I just added in the last one because I think that should be another goal for me and I was supposed to have three goals not two.

So for the first goal I think I am doing well for a start I don't have many ticks on my chart but I will try my best to atleast get to my bronze.

Next for my second goal I think I'm doing really well I just need more blog post so I think before the end of term 2 I will have my merit badge.

Now for my third goal Te only way I'll get close to it is by showing a lot of leadership so I'll need to complete most of my second goal to achieve this so since this is the same as my second goal I think I will say the same thing and say the I'm doing really well.

So that was the end of my reflection of my 2015 goals I will be doing this every term so just at the end of the term so then you can see how well I'm doing.

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