Friday, 28 June 2013

Class challenge

Every week on a Friday my class and the class from next door have a class challenge this weeks class challenge is a game called break through here are some pics

My deer art

Here is my picture of my deer
Here is the picture from my teacher that taught me and my class 
His name is mr shaskey


Last term my class did portraits of a friend I did a painting of my friend Chloe and she did one of me here is a picture of my art I did

      This is a picture of my friend Chloe

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


At school we have a progame called mathletics. mathletics is a maths progame HERE to go to it.

                                 !I LOVE MATHLETICS!

Monday, 24 June 2013


 Last term we wrote to a person who hates cats so really he's just a cat hater his name is GARETH MORGAN.I LOVE cats because they are playful and keep you busy.

                                                           I AGREE WITH THE CAT
                                        GARETH MORGAN + DEVIL CAT = NOT GOOD

Here is my letter to Gareth Morgan 
This symbol --- means its the parts you don't need to know
Miss Jessica ----- 
--------,---------- --

 Mr Gareth Morgan

Dear Mr Morgan

6 wendsday March

Dear Mr Gareth Morgan 

I heard you're trying to get rid of cats.cats are fluffy and cute and playful.i know that they kill our native birds and I admit that is true but people like cats more than dogs because cats keep people who are lonely company.last reason is because cats eat rats which means that rats can't eat birds eggs.

Your sincerely 

 Jessica -----

Jessie's Peacock

Sent from my iPod

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Hi guys i have some thing to see its my class blog it has lots more things which will be added on here hope you like it and please if you have a minute could you have a look at the other awsome blogs from my class mates thanks

click HERE to go to my class blog on my class blog you will be able to see my class mates blogs hope you like them!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Another of my blogs

I have another blog its called Help Our Preacious Animals!.
Click HERE to have a look of my new blog!

Friday, 21 June 2013

School learning


Today I'm going to share my learning that I do at school.
 I will be having loads more things added on to this page but right now I'm only putting some things.Right now I don't have much to write but later this page will have loads of things like what kind of maths I do or what I like to read.


Today at school my class did a thing called grid maths.Grid maths is when you get timed by someone (I got timed by my teacher).My class gets timed for 5 minutes.
                                              Here is a pic of the grids we use at school 
Sometimes we do ones with these + (plus) or these - (minus).Also we have to write the answers in and its like a race and we have to vs class mates.


Hi welcome to my new blog my blog will be full of loads of cool things so keep looking on here hope you like my blog stay warm this winter and have fun in the snow :)
                                                                  I LOVE SNOW!