Monday, 24 June 2013


 Last term we wrote to a person who hates cats so really he's just a cat hater his name is GARETH MORGAN.I LOVE cats because they are playful and keep you busy.

                                                           I AGREE WITH THE CAT
                                        GARETH MORGAN + DEVIL CAT = NOT GOOD

Here is my letter to Gareth Morgan 
This symbol --- means its the parts you don't need to know
Miss Jessica ----- 
--------,---------- --

 Mr Gareth Morgan

Dear Mr Morgan

6 wendsday March

Dear Mr Gareth Morgan 

I heard you're trying to get rid of cats.cats are fluffy and cute and playful.i know that they kill our native birds and I admit that is true but people like cats more than dogs because cats keep people who are lonely company.last reason is because cats eat rats which means that rats can't eat birds eggs.

Your sincerely 

 Jessica -----

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