Friday, 31 July 2015

Writing- organisation, structure and lauguage

Today my teacher held a writing workshop ( learning session ) and it was about organisation/structure  eg. Ordering paragraphs in my story.  We had to write a story about a character from a book and one of their memories when they were younger. I am going to share my story down below with you. Also this is not real so it is non fiction.

                                                         Another one failed 
"Oh no" , it was time for my surgery again. I was really fed up of going to the hospital every few years or months. Most of them failed but some were ok today was maybe my 6th or 7th but I really can't remember because of my young age. Anyway like always I went to the hospital hoping this time everything was fine.

At the hospital I met a new nurse that I actually saw in the supermarket once, she was getting some baking equipment, I guess he was going to make a fancy treat. While the nurse was talking to mum and dad I looked around even though I knew what the whole place looked like. I kind've over heard the nurse introducing herself, her name was Mrs Tofu. After hearing her name I wondered does Mrs Tofu actually like tofu? Well I thought I'd ask her later because now was the time to go inside.

After my first few steps going inside mum and dad were told to stay outside the ward like always, they were used to it and didn't need reminders but they sat on the bench outside anyway.

Today I saw there was a new change, the room was black with planets, like Mars, the sun, the moon and my favourite planet earth. I like earth because that's were my favourite amusement parks are. Unless aliens on planet Mars have amusement parks. After roaming around the room the nurse introduced herself and also gave me some good news that this room is mine and whenever I need to stay overnight I come stay in here, I was really pleased at first but the nurse also said that we needed to start the operation so I lay on the bed and she gave me a small sleeping shot so I can go to sleep while the surgery was happening.

Finally I am awake the nurse said that it took 5 hours and my parents had even went out shopping for awhile, and also that I can go out but if I don't see them then I have to come straight back in. I went out and saw that the doctor was talking to Mum Dad and Veia. I heard some thing that gave me a key idea of what they were talking about like not good, worse face, sorry , surgery failed I really thought that was not true until this happened I asked politely if I could go to the bathroom Mrs Tofu looked really worried but said yes.

In the bathroom I was washing my hands and looked up and saw that nothing was right I started to panic and knew I didn't have any other choice than to scream, I didn't want to but it just came out. I screamed so loud that nobody in this world  could ever sleep through it. Mum, Dad, Mrs Tofu and Veia started to rush through the door it they couldn't do anything about me all I did was just scream and say I wanted the go home, Mum and Dad did everything they could they gave me a towel to cover my face and we left.

In the car I fell asleep on Via's lap. When I woke up Mum and Dad said to get out of the car, I looked out of the car and saw we were at the mall. Mum said that we were going to buy a mask or helmet for to wear all the time. I thought I thought it was a great idea and I also liked the idea of choosing it. I chose a space. It was really hard to choose only one but in the end my final decision was the space helmet. I picked that one because it had a Tinted lift up glass so no one could see me but I could see them and I could also lift up the glass so I could eat. I was really happy in the end  and wished that everyday I had lots of good things happen to me

By Jessie 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Yesterday I had technology at Lincoln. It was the second to last session of science until we move onto either Design or Sewing. On the way there and back I remembered to respect the bus driver and spoke with an inside voice so he can hear himself think and so he can concentrate. At science we learnt about how to make electric circuits with the brain box kits. We all got kits each or shared one with a partner and used the instruction manual to make a circuit. Me and poppy made a circuit that made a fan spin around and a mini light bulb light up at the same time. It was allot of fun we also challenged our selfs to make one the advanced ones in the back of the manual but it didn't work out right. Overall I had a fun time and showed my care values.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Peer mediation/Being a role model

Today I had peer mediation half way through lunch break with my group or three. Today we had a few more problems then we expected Hannah found a problem with few kids at first and she started to sort it out while me and Poppy were helping out then another problem occurred with some kids coming up to us asking for help. We decided to take the bunch over to a more quieter place like around the bench, we sat them all down in a circle so we could see everyone and we started talking about the rules.

  1. No interrupting you'll all get a turn to speak
  2. No put downs
  3. Be honest
Next we asked the first student to share their part of story but before we could get to the second student the bell had rung so we had to hand over the story to tomorrow's peer mediators to handle the rest.
Overall I think today was good although we couldn't finish the last problem, next week a next step for me is to try and make sure I solve all the problems.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Get involved

Today at lunch me and my friends got involved. We played some games that can include everyone. the games we played were Jackpot, Jumbo Piggy in the middle and Around the world in teams. Just by reading some of the names gives you an understanding that more than 3-4 people can play. We played with 6 people including me.
Overall I had allot of fun with other people, and at the same time as getting involved I also found out a little bit about everyone

Goal Reflection Term 3

Goal reflection for term 3

My 3 goals that i had set for me at the start of the year are almost at the position to ending which means a new goal will replace the completed goals position. 

2015 Goals
  1. I want to get my gold award
  2. Get my Merit badge
  3. To try and get head or deputy girl for 2016

Goal Reflection
  1. My first goal to getting my gold award isn't exactly going so good. I still have about less than 10 more ticks to getting my bronze though but then again the years almost over and I may not make it to my Gold award.
  2.  My second goal to getting my Merit badge is going awesome I am almost finished I just need to post about another 4-5 times and I'm almost done, then all I will need to do is email one of my teachers, they'll double check and then if everything is good then I will get awarded my first leadership badge! 
  3. My last goal is to try for head or deputy head girl for 2016 this goal is basically the same as the second one so really i just need to work hard for my leadership badge.

Overall I can't wait to complete my second goal and swap it with a new goal which hopefully will be on the list next term.


Emma and Jessica Math Prove It

I have been learning to describe features of 2-D and 3-D objects in geometric launguage.

solo level that I think I am is Extended Abstract because I can name
most shapes, I can identify edges, verticies and faces on all 3-D shapes
and I can describe and identify polygons.

Here I have partnered up with a friend to make a short example

Enjoy!  :)