Monday, 27 July 2015

Peer mediation/Being a role model

Today I had peer mediation half way through lunch break with my group or three. Today we had a few more problems then we expected Hannah found a problem with few kids at first and she started to sort it out while me and Poppy were helping out then another problem occurred with some kids coming up to us asking for help. We decided to take the bunch over to a more quieter place like around the bench, we sat them all down in a circle so we could see everyone and we started talking about the rules.

  1. No interrupting you'll all get a turn to speak
  2. No put downs
  3. Be honest
Next we asked the first student to share their part of story but before we could get to the second student the bell had rung so we had to hand over the story to tomorrow's peer mediators to handle the rest.
Overall I think today was good although we couldn't finish the last problem, next week a next step for me is to try and make sure I solve all the problems.


  1. Good sorting out! It looks like you are quite a good peer mediator :)

  2. Good job jess it looks like you are an amazing peer mediator keep up the good work

  3. I really like the way you included the rules so everyone knows what they are.