Monday, 29 February 2016

Merit Can Do - Peer Mediation #2

On Thursday the 25th of Febuary I did Peer Mediation. That week my partner wasn't there so I ask a friend to help me and they said yes without any hesitation. It was really nice of them. So first of all we got all our gear and we headed off to the junior area. We didn't really have any set place but we both used our learner quality of active thinking and thought where most of the problems happen and we thought that if we go to the little kids area we will be able to help someone. But suprisingly all we saw were heaps of happy students with big smiles on their faces. Since there were no problems there we just went for a roam around the field and senior area but again no problems just happy faces. I felt really happy that no one was feeling sad on a happy occasion at our school. Overall I think i was being involved at lunch time by doing something which was my duty.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Merit Must Do - Helping around the school, Being a good role model to Kakano students and Getting involved

Today I helped out my friends and Mrs Ward (School librarian) by reading books to the younger students. Even though it wasn't my duty today I was willing to help out. We picked out a wide selection of different types of picture books and headed off to the junior area. We all sat on some bright bean bags on the deck and waited. After a while we thought maybe the kids might be shy so we headed off to look for some kids that have nothing to do. We managed to round up a few kids and when others saw that there's a group of kids here they came along by them selfs. I was really happy that I got involved with the little kids and helping them get involved too. While reading the books it got a little annoying when some kids starting to wonder off but then u realised that I needed to show my learner quality of being resilient be use sometime little kids are hard to handle but then again we were like them before too and we just need to be resilient and patient. Overall I had a good time reading books down in the junior area and we can't wait to do it again. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Merit Can do - Peer mediation 2016 #1

On Thursday the 18th of February, Zac (peermediation partner) and I had our first go at peer mediation since I did it last year it wasn't that bad it just felt normal but for Zac it was his first time so I told him a little bit about peer mediation and answered some questions that he had asked. While we were walking he saw some Kakano students who has a problem about some game rules, it was just after a while that they firgured out the problem on their own with just some guidance from us. It was nice to be involved in something at lunch and to help little kids out with problems that they don't need to go to a teacher about. Since it was Zacs first day of peer mediation he was a bit rusty so I did have to guide him a bit and it was a bit frustrating but I showed my self awareness and was patient. Overall I think we had a good day of peermediation. And I can't wait till next weeks peer mediation day. 

Merit Must do - Jellie Park Swimming Sports

 On Frdiay the 19th of February all of Oaklands School went to Jellie Park for swimming. The Kauri team (Year 4 - 8's) were in the indoor pool having races and the Kakano team (Year 1 - 3's) were inside in the little pool. I am a year 8 this year which meant I was meant to be in the indoor pool races.

On the way there and back I showed my self awareness by only talking to my friend next to me and talking in a quite voice so only your friend can hear you.

This year I got into the class relay team for my class. I also did 25m length freestyle and backstroke races. I was really getting involved in swimming this year because I got the chance to do three different things.

Overall the Jellie Park Swimming Sports was really fun and I enjoyed it allot especially the house games and the relay.