Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Merit Must Do - Helping around the school, Being a good role model to Kakano students and Getting involved

Today I helped out my friends and Mrs Ward (School librarian) by reading books to the younger students. Even though it wasn't my duty today I was willing to help out. We picked out a wide selection of different types of picture books and headed off to the junior area. We all sat on some bright bean bags on the deck and waited. After a while we thought maybe the kids might be shy so we headed off to look for some kids that have nothing to do. We managed to round up a few kids and when others saw that there's a group of kids here they came along by them selfs. I was really happy that I got involved with the little kids and helping them get involved too. While reading the books it got a little annoying when some kids starting to wonder off but then u realised that I needed to show my learner quality of being resilient be use sometime little kids are hard to handle but then again we were like them before too and we just need to be resilient and patient. Overall I had a good time reading books down in the junior area and we can't wait to do it again. 

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