Monday, 29 February 2016

Merit Can Do - Peer Mediation #2

On Thursday the 25th of Febuary I did Peer Mediation. That week my partner wasn't there so I ask a friend to help me and they said yes without any hesitation. It was really nice of them. So first of all we got all our gear and we headed off to the junior area. We didn't really have any set place but we both used our learner quality of active thinking and thought where most of the problems happen and we thought that if we go to the little kids area we will be able to help someone. But suprisingly all we saw were heaps of happy students with big smiles on their faces. Since there were no problems there we just went for a roam around the field and senior area but again no problems just happy faces. I felt really happy that no one was feeling sad on a happy occasion at our school. Overall I think i was being involved at lunch time by doing something which was my duty.

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