Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Merit Must Do - Technology

On Tuesday the 1st of March all of the year 7 & 8's of Oaklands School went to Lincoln for technology. At technology there are five diffenrt rotations that we change every 7 - 8 weeks. There is Cooking, Sciene, Woodwork, Sewing and Design. In Cooking you get to make a variety of different recipes. In Science you do a bunch of different experiments and learn about the periodic table. In Woodwork this year you have an opportunity to make either a clock or a tray, in the end you can design it with paint and take it home. In Sewing you get to sew heaps of different things like stuff toys and pillows. And in Design which was new last year you get to design your own room it could be a bedroom or a shop or anything you want. For the next few weeks I'll be in Science. This week in Science we were working with dried ice. First of all we discussed the health and safety and some things you should never do with dry ice as dry ice is very cold and can harm you really easily. After that we wrote everything down in our books and starting to play around with a peice of the ice. It looked the exact same as ice except it was way more colder and it doenst melt. It was really fun to blow on the ice and make little clouds. After that we watched some cool videos about dry ice and some experiments you can do with it. We tried to do an experiment where you put the dry ice in an air tight container and put it on the ground upside and run away. We tried to do it put it didn't work so we went back inside to find more experiments. Soon enough it was almost time to go, morning tea had passed quickly and lunch was coming up too. We did a bit more experimenting with dry ice and then we packed up and got ready to go into the bus. Overall I think I was being involved in the discussings that we were having and the experiments that we were doing and I think I showed my learner quality of collaboration because I actually put my hand up this week and got invoelved in the discussion so I could learn something. 

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