Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Merit Can Do - Librarian #1

On Wednesday the 2nd of March I had librarian with my friend Lauren. We have a duty on Wednesday for librarian which is to go down to the junior area to read some books. First both of us headed off towards the library. We went inside and wrote our names down on the chart saying we showed up today. Then we grabbed some interesting picture books that a variety of kids might like. We also grabbed a bean bag each and carried them to the deck outside the music room on the junior kids side. We plopped them down and made scattered the books in a few rows on the wall so the covers were showed to all the little kids and it was easy to pick a book. The minute we sat down some kids came up with a few books in their hands. By this time we already knew that there was going to be a crowd here soon. And within minutes our words came true heaps of kids came up to listen to the stories. We read nearly all the books in the whole lunch time. It was so much fun to be involved in doing something that keeps others happy and it makes me happy too because I got to do something at lunch time instead of just walking around the school with nothing to do. Overall I had heaps of fun and I think I showed my learner quality of self aware because when I was reading heaps of kids would be coming and going or not paying attention but I use my learner quality of self aware and stayed patient and waited until I could keep reading. 

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