Monday, 22 February 2016

Merit Must do - Jellie Park Swimming Sports

 On Frdiay the 19th of February all of Oaklands School went to Jellie Park for swimming. The Kauri team (Year 4 - 8's) were in the indoor pool having races and the Kakano team (Year 1 - 3's) were inside in the little pool. I am a year 8 this year which meant I was meant to be in the indoor pool races.

On the way there and back I showed my self awareness by only talking to my friend next to me and talking in a quite voice so only your friend can hear you.

This year I got into the class relay team for my class. I also did 25m length freestyle and backstroke races. I was really getting involved in swimming this year because I got the chance to do three different things.

Overall the Jellie Park Swimming Sports was really fun and I enjoyed it allot especially the house games and the relay. 

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