Thursday, 23 July 2015

Goal Reflection Term 3

Goal reflection for term 3

My 3 goals that i had set for me at the start of the year are almost at the position to ending which means a new goal will replace the completed goals position. 

2015 Goals
  1. I want to get my gold award
  2. Get my Merit badge
  3. To try and get head or deputy girl for 2016

Goal Reflection
  1. My first goal to getting my gold award isn't exactly going so good. I still have about less than 10 more ticks to getting my bronze though but then again the years almost over and I may not make it to my Gold award.
  2.  My second goal to getting my Merit badge is going awesome I am almost finished I just need to post about another 4-5 times and I'm almost done, then all I will need to do is email one of my teachers, they'll double check and then if everything is good then I will get awarded my first leadership badge! 
  3. My last goal is to try for head or deputy head girl for 2016 this goal is basically the same as the second one so really i just need to work hard for my leadership badge.

Overall I can't wait to complete my second goal and swap it with a new goal which hopefully will be on the list next term.


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