Monday, 23 March 2015

Peer mediators

Today was my duty day for peer mediation today I had to wear a bright green vest with a card attached to a lanyard. At 1:10 me and my two other mates swapped dutys with the other few people that were on before us and then started walking through the junior school. While walking around we were looking making sure no one was sad or had a problem mostly everyone was happy and having a good time but then we saw that a little girl had fallen off the monkey bars. She refused to accept it though and ran off happily to her friends. Anyway we thought she would be ok so we continued on and strode through the little kids playing all sorts of games. Soon it was time to go the bell had rang for end of play so that was the end of our duty. We were all pleased to see so many happy faces through out lunch and we love the feeling that you have when you have helped someone. And can't wait till next Monday when we have another 20 minutes of our time in lunch break to help out teachers and look after younger students.

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