Friday, 20 March 2015

Run Bike Run

Today we had a Kauri Team Event called Run Bike Run. Run Bike Run is a fun event that my school does at the start of the year. Last year we went to a park called Westlake Park it is very close to my house and has a very nice green grass area for games like cricket, soccer,rugby and more, it also has a nice big lake and a smaller pond just beside it. This year we are going to a different park called Haslwell Domain. Haslwell Domain is a really nice place because it is huge and has a lot of places to play lots of different sports e.g: Touch Rugby, Rugby, Netball, Tennis, Garden Bowling, Soccer and more. I play Netball for a Haslwell team I'm in the Netball C team. So like every year all the year 4-8's all walked down in groups it is quite close to our school so thats why we walk. Today at Run Bike Run me and my friend that was in my team tried our hardest sadly we didn't come a place but we showed our care values and had fun representing our school.

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