Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Today we had technology. I remembered to wake up and get to school before 8:30 so I don't miss the bus. I remembered to behave on the bus and speak as quietly as I could to my two friends sitting next to me. Today my group had science, we did an experiment on paper towels. We had to find out which brand of paper towels absorbed the most water. First we made a hypothesis on which brand we think would absorb more water, I thought the brand Handee would absorb more water, I knew that because my family always use Handee. After filling out our sheets we started by dipping different brands at a time of paper towels into an icecream container and then shook off the excess. Then we squeezed it into a smaller bowl and then transferred the water into a test tube to measure. My hypothesis was right because Handee absorbed the most water, 92mm. Beloved or not but out of Tuffy, Pams, Budget, Handee and Viva, Handee absorbed more water. Overall today was really fun I like science and even though it's only been like about 2 weeks since I started science I have learnt a lot already.

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