Thursday, 17 March 2016

Maths Evidence - Know the relative size and place value structureofpositive and negative integers and decimals to three places

The first activity I had to complete was this. I had to type in numbers that made the sentence true. A number I could add in could be 9. Because it would make the decimal on the right greater than the decimal on the left. 

This is the second activity that I had to complete.
The way that I get my answer for this question is by looking at a number line.
This is my answer
The 3 is the greatest cause it is higher up
The 0 is the next greatest because it is the next highest 
Then -2 is the next greatest cause it is the next highest 
And then -4 is the least 

This is the third activity I had to complete to pass my goal. I had to round a variety of numbers to the nearest whole number, tenth, hundredth and thousandths. The answer to this question is 59 because the number after the decimal point is 5 or over. So that makes 58.5 rounded to the nearest number 59

Overall I can now identify all three activitys and can teach others how to do this. 

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