Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Reading evidence - Authors Purpose Year 7/8

W.A.L.T: I can identify the way that writers use language and ideas to suit their purpose.

My W.A.L.T is to identify the authors purpose in any kind of text. 
There are three different purposes for a peace of text
Or short for P.I.E
For the activity we did there were two different texts for each purpose 
I chose to do the two persuasive texts because the titles sounded interesting

I had to complete this activity sheet after reading both articles 

The first article Changing NZ's Flag Would Be Idiotic was obviously to persuade because I chose two persuasive texts and same with the he second one. Then I had to identify why I knew this well 
It's got technical language 
The author is trying to make us see his point of view 
And it is giving reasons why we should Change the flag 
After that I had to identify the language in the text that supports the purpose 
A word I found in the first article was "idiotic". Idiotic is a much stronger word than bad.
A word I found in the second article was "similar". Richie McCaw described the Australian flag and the New Zealand flag similar instead of same, it's much more stronger than same. 
The next part of the activity was ideas that support the purpose.
In the first article I found heaps of facts to support the purpose 
In the second article I found heaps of reasons to support the purpose 

And then the last part at the bottom of the sheet was the evaluation where I had to think about the two articles and choose one that I thought was the most convincing. I thought that the first article was more convincing because 
The author stated true facts clearly 
The author used strong words e.g Idiotic instead of Bad 
The author asked rhetorical questions to make our brains think more and migh Change our minds. 
Overall I think I am at Extended Abstract because I can identify the authors purpose in any peice of texts and I can teach others to do the same. 

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