Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Writing evidence-Ideas and Organisation

Goal: Ideas and organisation

My goal is to elaborate on one idea in each paragraph fully , using relevant and factual details and have linked ideas and to be able to role model to others on how to elaborate on their ideas.

Here is a my writing that shows I have elaborated and used relevant and factual details and I have linked my ideas.

My Career Explanation

My career goal is to become a successful Interior Designer. This career will fit in best with my personality because I love to design houses , draw and build 3D model houses and buildings.
Availability for an interior designer job is rated at about average and is not to hard to find a job anywhere in Christchurch or even New Zealand. The pay is $30,000 - $45,000 per year and if you have 2-5 years of experience then you get $40,000 - $65,000  and for senior workers that have about 5-10 years of experience usually earn $55,000 - $80,000.

To get up to 5-10 years experience I need to consider taking  Graphics, Art and Art History , English , Computing and Maths. These are important because it will help me with my career , for example English will help me because I will need to write reports or communicate with different people and maths will be needed for totalling prices and making discounts if needed , also computing would be needed for using computer softwares and apps and art will be needed for sketching.

After studying those subjects I will need to get a university entrance qualification and then from there on I will need to get a degree in interior design; Spatial design or interior architecture degrees are also acceptable because they are both similar careers. As well as a degree you can also do interior design courses which will give you training to help you do better in your

In my job as an interior designer there are some qualities that are needed like: Good Communicator , Knowledge of interior materials such as paint, fabrics and glass , Knowledge of building regulations , The ability to analyse client requirements and fit the design for a client and Design , drawing and presentation skills. These are important because you need to know what kind of materials will match and you need to be able to draw and present designs that will give a good picture in the client's mind.

An Interior Designer's degree is not only used for interior designing but also for the following: Architect , Architectural Technician , Graphic Designer , Painter and Decorator or Industrial Designer.
I can use my interior designer degree for these jobs because they are all related to art and designing.

Overall I think that being an interior designer is best for me because I love designing interiors of houses and drawing. Also after I graduate I can still change my career path and use it for other things other than interior designing eg. Architect.

By Jessica

The green highlighted paragraph is my evidence for my goal , i just added the whole explanation because then it makes sense.
I hope you liked reading my explanation.

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