Monday, 25 July 2016

Excellence Can Do - Peer Mediation #3

Today I had Peer Mediation. Right after the bell rung at 11:00 for morning tea I grabbed, a green vest, and a lanyard. Today the iPad wasn't at school because it was sent for repairs so we just did without the iPad and used a clipboard and pen. First we went to the Junior area of the school. We didn't have any problems there so we headed off to the field. Same with the Junior area there weren't any problems which was good. We just noticed a few small things happening which wasn't right so we just reminded them the right thing to do.

Overall I think I showed the active thinking when we found an alternative option for noting down problems instead of the ipad.
Also I think I got involved by doing my job instead of just sitting round with my friends doing nothing
And lastly I think I showed leadership by reminding kids to do the right thing and what is expected.

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