Friday, 3 June 2016

Excellence Must Do - Get involved, Help around the school and Be a good role model

Today I had Garden To Table. We had to get in partners so me and my friend partnered up. Each partner got assigned a job in the garden and a few kids depending on the jobs we had. Me and my partner got three little kids to help us with our job. Our job was to plant broccoli in patch C. We grabbed our pot of broccoli and headed to patch C. We started by showing the kids how to dig a hole in the soil. It was a bit hard to make sure they made a good size hole but I was resilient and helped them slowly dig the holes. While my partner was helping them dig holes and fill them up I started handing the little squares of the broccoli.

 After all the holes were filled and nicely watered we asked if there were anymore jobs but there weren't anymore left but the teachers let us help some other groups that had finished, pick up rubbish. The kids weren't so happy about the fact that they had to just walk around and pick up rubbish so we made it more fun for them by making it a competition to see who could get the most rubbish.

 I showed leadership by helping the little kids plant the broccoli and by showing the little kids how to plant broccoli properly . Overall it was so much fun and I enjoyed helping the little kids

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