Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Merit Can Do - Peer Mediation #5

On the 2nd of May I had PeerMediation. Today after eating inside I went to zone 3 (cloakroom) to get a vest, a lanyard and the iPad. We headed out to the junior area, that's where most of the problems occur. So anyway we headed out there and surprisingly there were no problems which was a good start, but then a little boy came up to us and told us his problem. All that happened was he was looking for someone so we helped him find his friend and he went off happily playing with his friend. There were also some small other issues but that happens all the time. Overall I think I got involved by helping little kids especially that little boy because he wasn't getting involved before but when we found his friend he got involved and played with his friend. Also I think I showed the learner quality of being resilient because when there were heaps of small problems that the little kids had it was very hard for them to focus and figure the problem but I was resilient and helped them out eventually. 

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