Thursday, 26 May 2016

Excellence Can Do - Peer Mediation #1

On Monday at morning tea I had peer mediation. Today the my partner didn't want to come, I tried to convince her but she didn't, I was going to do it myself because no one else was willing to help until my friends approached me and said they would help me. So we got our things and went off. First we started at the Junior part of the school, then we gradually headed away to the more Senior part of the school. At the Junior part of the school, we had a few small problems which were easy to fix but we had one problem which took a bit longer, some kids had harshly said no to another child saying the can't play cause they weren't friends anymore, so we helped them solve their problem by asking the kids to apologise and we found a new bunch of friends for the other child. It was a bit of a tricky problem to solve but in the end we used our learner qualities of Resilience and Communication to solve the problem. Now that we solved the problem I feel really proud to be a year 8 and be a leader to the rest of the school. I think I showed leadership by helping solve the problems because that tells the Juniors that we are here for them and they can come up to us with an open heart and spill out their problems.

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