Thursday, 3 September 2015

Writing prove it

Here is a piece of my speech prove it. This is not the speech that I read aloud in the video I posted last week. Also this not my whole speech it is only the intro. Also one more thing, I have highlighted in green some sentences that include my goal.
  • Sentence structure - Writing complex sentences, structuring them well
  • Ideas - Evaluating on ideas
  • Organisation - Organising paragraphs into order
It's hard being a kid

No one knows how hard it is to be a kid, it's like trying to walk on water or eating a Brussel sprout (it's really hard to eat Brussel sprouts). How would anyone know what it feels like to get unknown food just plop onto your plate that you are forced to eat and who would know how hard it is to get told that we are not responsible! Just one of the simplest decision that we can make on our own has to be decided by our lovely parents that always get the first choice. I understand that our parents used to be kids like us but the time has changed and kids are different now. But one thing that bothers all us kids is, why is that skinny long piece of paper full of writing so endless every time I cross off one of the jobs another one takes its place.

My next step is to

  • Make sure my spelling is correct

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