Thursday, 3 September 2015

W.A.L.T: I can apply some criteria to evaluate texts

W.A.L.T: I can apply some criteria to evaluate texts

We can evaluate texts using these text features:

  • An opening general statement 
  • Technical Language - Topic words
  • Objective Language - Facts no taking sides
  • Structure - Meaning is built up step by step
  • Bias - Is it a one sided piece of text
  • Accuracy or information - Is the information true or false 

Here is an example of how to find these text features.

pin = Opening general statement
pin = Technical language
pin = Objective language
pin = Structure 
pin = Bias
pin = Accuracy of infomation

Information about Moa

Moa lived very successfully in New Zealand for many hundreds of thousands of years, only becoming extinct some time after the arrival of people. Evidence that Moa existed is provided by fossils. It is known from the fossiled bones that have been found that Moa were large birds, with largest reaching 1.8 meters at the highest point on their backs, and weighing up to 240 kilograms. Although they had a small head, they had a long neck, large body, and large , powerful legs. The breast bones of Moa are similar to that of several living flightless birds. This, along with their size, means it is likely that Moa could not fly. It is also Lilley that Moa behaved in similar ways to some living flightless birds. Evidence that they , like kakapo, ate twigs, seeds, berries, and leaves, and browsed on shrubs (rather than ate grass as some flightless birds do) has been provided by preserved stomach contents that have been found.

In between the text I have highlighted where the text features are. Some of the sentences have been highlighted twice with different colours that means the those sentences have more than one text feature.

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