Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Excellence Can Do - Peer Mediation #3

On Monday the 27th of June, I had a duty for peer mediation. Me and my friend Charlotte had to get our things and go. We went round the whole school, first we went round the field, then the junior area and then lastly we finished off with the senoir area just in time so we could go back to class in time.

Today, while we were in the junior area, we had a problem about a little girl kept that kept asking to play with some other little girls, but those little girls didn't want to include that girl. She was feeling down and came to us. We tried to help her by finding the group of girls and asking if they would let her, but unfortunately they didn't let her and ran off, and we couldn't find them again. So we decided to find some new friends for her. After a while we found some different little kids and they invited her to play with them. I felt like a hero. I felt happy that I helped someone to get involved and find some new friends. 

I think today I showed resilience because I never gave up and I helped the little girl find new friends and I didn't just leave her alone. 

I think today I showed leadership by helping the little girl and doing my duty so I can be there to help. 

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