Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Excellence Can Do - Peer Mediation #2

On Monday the 30th of May, I had Peer Mediation. Me and my buddy went to collect our things and go. Recently we have been working on action plans for our writing. Action plans are like plans that organize our goals so we can complete them. One of my goals is to roam around more, meaning I need to go around the other parts of the school and not only the junior area. On my action plan I wrote that I am going to make a route to follow so that I can get around the school properly. So today I followed that route and it worked out really well. We managed to make it around the school solving heaps of problems along the way. For example one of the problems was about some confusion on game rules. It was probably the hardest problem today, it wasn't that hard to figure out it was just really hard to be resilient and keep the kids calm. But I stayed resilient and figured the problem out just in time to make on time to class. Overall I think my little route that I have made was a huge success and I think I will use it more from now on. I showed leadership by listening to the juniors while they were informing us about the incident.

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