Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Excellence Can Do - Librarian #1

On Tuesday I got involved by fulfilling the duty that I had taken up as a librarian. As a librarian it was my duty to go down to the deck in the Junior side with a bunch of entertaining books and some bright colourful bean bags. We headed down (like always), placed the bean bags and books down and sat down. Just as we as we make contact with the bean bag little kids just start rushing towards us. They choose books to listen to and we read them. After a while it got a bit frustrating because we had to read the same book again and again but that was maybe our fault for not bringing enough books but we just used the learner quality of Resilience and we just did it. I like reading to the Juniors because I feel knowen, I feel loved and feel like a good leader. I showed leadership by showing the Juniors how to respect books and how to turn the pages nicely instead of flicking the pages really fast and accidentally ripping the page.

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