Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Merit Can Do - Peer Mediation #3

On Monday the 4th of April I had a duty for peer mediation. Me and my friend Charlotte had to get our things and go. But we had one problem, the iPad that we needed to use was dead. We didn't know what to do and we had a problem to note down. But then I thought maybe we could do it like they used to with a clipboard and some paper. So I rushed back to the classroom and grabbed some scrap paper, a pen and a clipboard and headed back out. Then we wrote down the problem, got it solved and since it was only a tiny matter we threw the paper away and moved on. I think today I showed the learner quality of active thinking because at that time when we realised the iPad was dead I quickly took action and got the problem solved. I was glad to solve the problems and to be involved in something that I know I won't need to just sit around in a corner for.

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