Friday, 15 May 2015

My discovery

Today we had my discovery , my discovery is like a big term project thing and you can decide what you want to present , you can go in groups or be by yourself , I'm in a group with 3 friends. We decided at the start of term that we would present cultural food. We have made a document as well to present at the end of our project on it , it includes the menu of items we are making and the recipes. Today we made an Indian drink called mango lassi , it's like a mango smoothie.We have to use a matrix to rate ourselves and when we do we make a blog post , so this is my first blog post for unistructual my next my discovery post will be prestructual. Here are some photos below of our amazing mango lassi's.

Here is our blender all ready and set to blend and all of us with the finished drink.

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