Thursday, 19 June 2014

Frozen Writing

WALT: Change the genre of Frozen

My Genre: Adventure,Action,Comedy Mixed
Characters: Elsa,Anna,Prince Hans,Olaf
Audience: 5+ Pg-Parental guidance

Blurb: It is winter, Elsa & Anna go out to make a snowman. They don't realise until the very next day that the snowman is alive.

"Do you wanna build a snowman""ok let's go"
Elsa & Anna are outside building a snowman. They are planning to call it Olaf. But little did they know that their annoying neighbour Prince Hans was watching them from his window plotting to murder Elsa. After dinner Elsa & Anna rushed to bed hoping that Olaf would still be there waiting outside for them. Anna was first to wake up, after a second or two she found a white figure standing there smiling he said "Hi I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs". Anna screamed and bolted for the door Olaf just stared at her so she kicked him away, his snow scattering everywhere. It took Olaf five minutes to pick himself up, enough time for Anna to get Elsa."WHAT IS THAT" screamed Elsa "I'm your brand new pet!" replied Olaf "yeah right" and ZAP Elsa caged Olaf with her ice powers. Olaf screamed "LET ME OUT" "but your a pet" said Elsa. Meanwhile Prince Hans was climbing up to the rooms window sill. Olaf was still pleading to be set free, suddenly Prince Hans appeared through the window and said "surrender or I'll kill you, but then again I still will kill you later on, now tell me what do you choose? "I choose to kill you" replied Anna and tried to kick him "hey get off this isn't your fight Anna" said Prince Hans and pushed her away, Elsa made an ice sword and fighter back while that chaos, Anna came with one of her fathers enchanted swords. Anna was about to slay him when she caught her eye on the window and pushed him through the window instead.
By Jessie 

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  1. very well done jessie i like it very well done