Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Jessie's Art


                                        "Choose your culture,Treat it four ways"

We are learning about the elements and techniques of painting.
We are able to share our cultural identities through the arts.

We have been doing art at school about our cultures.
I choose India and painted a lotus flower.

First we sketched one icon from our culture that we have choosen to do.Then on so stickies we draw a few other icons.
I drew a lotus flower and a peacock but i choose the lotus flower cause it is easy to draw and cause it is the national flower of India.

Next, we learnt about Andy Warhol, an pop artist.He drew everyday items and turned them into colourful art.

We learnt about different colours and styles like e.g: Yellow and Purple are complementary colours.
The primary colours are also very important in the colour wheel 
1. Red
and 3.Blue
they are the primary colours
There are also secondary colours they are colours that you can make with the primary colours
and 3.Purple

Next we had to get a A3 peice of paper and rule it up in four even quarters. Next we got our rough copy of our icon and turned it over then we used a drawing pencil to go over the lines in the first box then we repeated it three more times
When we were done we were ready to PAINT! 
In the first box we had to paint the icon in complementary colours.
Complementary colours are colours that are oppisite each other on the colour wheel like i said eairlier that yellow and purple are complementary colours cause they face each other.
In the next box we did Black and White now we all know what black and white paintings look like.Now on the next box we did analogous now analogous colours are when three colours that are on the colour wheel are beside each other like for example: Red, Pink and Purple are beside each other so when they are put in a painting together they are called analogous colours.Now for the last box we did monochromatic which is when you use one colour that are different shades so if i do a painting of an icon like the silver fern and i choose the colour pink then i would do light pink, pink and dark pink pinkpinkpink< here is a monochromatic example their is light pink, pink and dark pink.
Last part of my exciting writing is that i would rate myself to be multistructural

Now that is all for now thanks for reading if you have any questions or tips or something then please do not be shy and ask me


  1. That sounds really fun and you pop art looks fantastic Jessie.

  2. Nice I think your art is really awesome!:)